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Chemical Technology Inc. (CTI) is an industrial chemical developer and supplier. CTI is your source for the highest quality water based and solvent based, specialty adhesives and coatings. Established in 1985, CTI has been a key supplier to many industries for years. We specialize in formulating custom applications for various industries, substrates, and systems. Our products are applied in various manufacturing processes. All CTI products are designed and developed in-house. We have a well-established product line, but can also design products for your specific requirements. CTI can support and supply a Tier I auto supplier as well as a budding entrepreneur’s vision for a new unique application.

Industrial Building
Giving Back
CTI is ISO 9001:2015 registered

Chemical Technology Inc. has 10,000 gallons of mixing capacity and 25,000 gallons of bulk storage that can handle very large volumes (totes) and small volumes (pints) alike.

CTI has a wide variety of conductive coatings, both water and solvent based, to help achieve electrostatic finishing and adhesion on non-conductive substrates that can be sprayed, dipped, and applied in a number of ways.


We also have mold releases, specialty coatings, cleaners, and more.

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